OneSpaWorld offers a comprehensive acupuncture programme on board more than 100 cruise ships worldwide, providing licensed acupuncturists with a platform to practise Traditional Chinese Medicine whilst travelling the world.



As part of our onboard programme, we offer the following acupuncture and acupuncture-related services:

  • Acupuncture
  • Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation
  • Chinese Herbal Consultations
  • Cupping
  • Electro-stim
  • Eastern Nutritional Counseling.

Traditional acupuncture programming continues to evolve and is today enhanced by a sub-set of innovative offerings that enhance and provide a new level of depth to our onboard acupuncture services.

JOU® Chinese Herbs

In 2005, OneSpaWorld introduced JOU Herbal Supplements onboard cruise ships.

JOU® herbs offer the highest quality Chinese Herbs for general health and overall wellbeing. Our proprietary blends are formulated from nature with wild and/or organic roots, grasses, petals, fruits, stems, seeds, and woods.

OneSpaWorld has established a relationship with one of the most reputable and top quality herb farms in China. Our herb supplier provides us with products that are either grown according to GAP, wild/organic, or low pesticide standards. That is why our herbal formulas can meet China’s Green Standard as well as USDA’s Organic Standard. Our patent remedies are manufactured in a modern, full scale-ISO 9000 factory and are:

GAP – Good Agricultural Practices

GPP – Good Processing Practices

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices

GLP – Good Laboratory Practices


Almost 25.3 million people struggle with chronic pain. In those numbers we find a critical need for non-invasive, time-tested methods that could provide relief.

In an effort to address the growing demand for pain relief, especially when travelling, OneSpaWorld launched the first Pain Management programme at sea, using Traditional Chinese Medicine as its foundation.

Acupuncture has received considerable attention around the world due to its cost-effectiveness, few side effects, and well-established analgesic properties.

OneSpaWorld’s Pain Management menu has been designed to include all available acupuncture treatments on board to address the needs of cruise guests who present acute or chronic pain.

Whilst the pain menu encompasses massage, meditation, and other healing remedies, acupuncture has been of most interest as this technique provides an alternative to conventional medicine limitations, has efficacy, and can enhance a guest’s quality of travel and of life beyond their voyage.