OneSpaWorld’s acupuncture programme maintains excellent industry standards.

Working at sea affords acupuncturists with many opportunities. Benefits include: becoming a better practitioner, a dynamic public lecturer, and savvy world traveller – all whilst earning income.  Your success is our success. London Wellness Academy and OneSpaworld will provide you with all the tools and training necessary to be successful whilst developing business skills beyond your expertise.

To achieve extraordinary guest service, acupuncturists attend three days of intensive training in Los Angeles, California (USA). This training covers our business acumen, focusing on topics such as public speaking, sales/marketing, retail training, consultations, and an in-depth review of our spa protocols.

The training will be conducted at:

Yo San University
13315 West Washington Boulevard,
Los Angeles, California 90066


Our acupuncture curriculum includes these areas of concentration:

  • Orientation to ship life
  • Business and Marketing
  • Motivational public speaking
  • Treatment plans
  • Training with our organic line of JOU® Chinese herbal formulas
  • Retail Sales (sales training)
  • Healing Enhancement protocols

The successful contract of each acupuncturist is determined largely by their efforts and willingness to promote acupuncture. After graduating from acupuncture school, practitioners may not be equipped with the skills to start a business. Working on board will undoubtedly expand upon your communication capabilities as you will learn to motivate guests to try acupuncture which will benefit you beyond your contracts with OneSpaWorld.  Working at sea provides a framework where acupuncturists can learn valuable skills that will enhance your career for years to come.


Duration: 3 days

Day 1 – Friday

Orientation Business Marketing Seminar Training

Day 2 – Saturday

Continued Seminar Training/Consultations/Retail Training

Herbal Concentrates

Day 3 – Sunday

Treatment Plans/Healing Enhancement Protocols